About Beckett
Beckett Industries is a global hybrid firm.
Group of hybrids

Founder, Danny Beckett Jr., transitioned from racing professional motorcycles to try and bring some of his entrepreneurial ideas to life. Like Danny, many of us found our focus through seemingly non-traditional means.

We are a network of people spread out across different cities around the world. We live and work where we want.  Some of us love working remotely and some of us love the camaraderie of an open office environment. Some of us do a little of both.

We’re friends, parents, hard workers, starters, entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, marketers, tinkerers, scientists, leaders, athletes, runners, developers, analysts, campers, filmmakers, hikers, photographers, videographers, readers, travelers, gardeners, and all around good people.

Our diversity is our strength. We bring a hybrid perspective to everything we touch and do, allowing us to see around barriers, make new insights, and grow – for ourselves and our clients.

A New Solution

Our team has set out to offer a new solution to a very old problem – a singularity of mind.

Companies themselves have become so laser focused on the value they can provide, that they forget who they are providing that value for. They miss any real opportunity to innovate and grow.

They miss any real opportunity to innovate and grow.

Management Consultants focus on business strategy, providing reports and feedback and financials, often with no discernible course of action to implement changes.

Design and creative firms create new and shiny products, but neglect to make sure that the products they create are marketable or even desired by the consumer.

Marketing firms can put plans together to get you more Facebook Likes, but don’t provide any tangible, valuable and measurable return on your investment.

No one seems willing and able to work in the middle, providing the skills and qualities of all these entities. It takes more effort and requires an in-depth understanding of a variety of disciplines.

It’s a good thing continual learning, hard work and creating sustainable solutions are what make us tick.






Business Design

Org Design

Employee Recruitment,Engagement & Retention

Financial Services





Visual Design

Brand Management


Social Media

Community Building

Social Innovation


Data Science

Industrial Design


Service Design


Sales & Channel Design

Communication Design

Design Research

Digital Design


Electrical Engineering

Environments Design

Customer Development

Mobile Apps

Web Applications

Desktop Apps

Content Strategy & Creation

Event Management

Project Management

NPO Fundraising & Promotion

Hi There

It’s a fast changing world. Let us help you evolve and grow.

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Interested in coming to work with us? We are always seeking smart and talented people to join our global teams.

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