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What makes us different ⎻

If you peruse some consulting websites nowadays, you'll observe that they all begin to sound similar.

Many consulting firms claim to partner with organizations and promote innovation, inclusivity, and sustainable growth. However, this is not always the reality. At Beckett Industries, when we founded the company more than 15 years ago, customer-centric, data-driven growth was not yet popular and consultants who were former entrepreneurs were considered outliers. We also established an “Implementation Team” that provided more extensive services beyond general consulting, which was not commonplace at the time. Nowadays, having an Implementation Team is a minimum requirement for most consultants. Every consulting firm promises access to networks and individuals who can help leaders succeed. Even the largest consulting firms now offer implementation teams and additional services to support companies beyond traditional areas like finance, analytics, and creativity.

But talk with a few Beckett Industries Clients and they’ll tell you how we’re different.

They’ll tell you that we know how hard and lonely it is trying to build and grow a company can be – because we’ve all done it ourselves and how we’ve helped them unlock growth through a human-centered data-driven approach. They’ll explain how we weren’t afraid to roll up our sleeves and climb into the trenches with them to build an enduring company.

At Beckett Industries, we prioritize a customer-centered approach and working sessions over traditional board meetings and assumptions. Our clients consider us their go-to consultants and experts, their coaches in the corner, and the kick in the ass when they need it most.

Our clients attest to the transformative power of our services in helping them reinvent themselves and achieve growth. We offer unvarnished opinions alongside unwavering support. The organizations we partner with sing our praises for our ability to solve their most pressing growth challenges. For over 15 years, we have partnered with companies like Monster Energy Drinks, Harley Davidson, Wolverine Worldwide, American Airlines, RedBull, and hundreds of other startups and enterprises. In a world where outdated data dominates, we provide a growth-focused approach that helps these organizations grow during times of dramatic change.

We happily offer support in strategy, finance, digital solutions, growth, marketing, and sales to help clients land some of their most valuable customers. Additionally, we are dedicated to sharing the best tactical advice with other leaders through interviews, workshops, articles, and other resources to help them achieve similar success.

Most importantly, they will tell you that our legacy is rooted in doing the right thing, even when it is difficult. Our commitment to ethical business practices is a core value that guides our decision-making process. We believe in fostering long-term relationships with our clients and stakeholders, rather than pursuing short-term gains through optimization. By prioritizing the well-being of our employees, customers, and the environment, we strive to create a sustainable future for all.

As a company, we understand that the choices we make today will impact the world we leave behind for future generations. Therefore, we prioritize responsible and ethical practices that align with our values. Our dedication to long-term thinking allows us to make informed decisions that benefit all stakeholders in the long run. We aim to be a positive force for change, demonstrating that it is possible to run a successful business while still prioritizing ethics and sustainability.

Heck, it’s hard to explain how we’re different when every consulting website says exactly the same thing. Luckily for us, clients don’t say the same thing about every consulting firm.

Team Beckett Industries

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